A TikToker Planned An Entire Summer Trip Using AI & He Says It’ll ‘Wipe Out’ Travel Agents

Artificial intelligence has been helping people get a lot of different tasks done quickly and efficiently, now one TikToker is pointing out programs like ChatGPT that can also be a very effective travel planning tool for your next vacation.

TikTok user @traveltipswithjay posted a video showing how AI helped him plan his entire summer trip to Paris, and he’s claiming it’s so good it will “wipe out” travel agents.

In the clip, the TikToker used the website Forgemytrip.com where he typed in that his entire budget for the Paris trip was $1,500 and he wanted a private tour of the Louvre.

The AI ​​site didn’t take long to type out an itinerary for the trip.

“I accidentally wiped out the entire travel agent industry,” he captioned the clip.

Even though the TikToker thought the website was great, others weren’t really satisfied that AI could really do it all when it comes to travel plans.

“I’m sure AI will be there to fix your trip when something goes wrong,” one person wrote. The TikToker shot back saying travel agents aren’t “special guardians sent from heaven” and if “something goes wrong it goes wrong.”

“Until a single leg is canceled and throws everything off,” another person echoed and once again @traveltipswithjay said it could happen with an agent as well.

Another commenter compared it to planning a wedding.

“It’s like telling AI to plan a wedding. It can probably tell you how, but you’ll still want a wedding planner. Why not a travel planner as well?” they wrote.

“THIS is not a good analogy. Weddings have far more stake and much more complex logistics. IMO, travel agents aren’t well versed in destinations,” the creator once again fought back.

Even though there was some hesitation, many others pointed out how cool the website was and that they would also try it out.

Someone who claims to have created Forgemytrip.com in a Reddit post, says they actually used ChatGPT to put the AI ​​tool together.

In the comments, they asked for feedback from users to make the website better.

They also share the improvements they plan to make on the site, including integrating flights and hotels to keep track of all reservations in one place and make itineraries editable so travelers can edit them manually during their travels.

This isn’t the first time that a TikToker has used AI for their holiday plans.

In March, TikToker @what.mel posted a video showing how AI helped her plan her entire itinerary for a solo trip to Vietnam.

In the video, the woman used a website called Notion.

With all the positive reactions to these TikTok videos, it’s clear that more people are likely to turn to AI to help plan their upcoming summer vacations.

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