Beat the Heat this Summer

In countries like Britain and some parts of the US, we look forward to a hot summer as a nice break from the pretty cold weather most of the year. But there are dangers to your physical health when out and about. So, here are some tips to beat the heat and enjoy the warmer weather.

Protect Your Hair from the SunVitamin Sea sun hat

Visiting the beach, eating al fresco, or just popping out to the park are made better when the weather is great. But given that the sun is in the sky, your head is the first thing UV rays and heat make contact with. Because of this, you must protect it. Even for vanity’s sake, you must keep yours in check, and heat is the enemy of hair, so check out this 2A hair type care guide. Further to that, try wearing a breathable hat to protect your head, hair and eyes from UV.

Pick Your Sun Exposure Timestraw sun hat

There are times of the day when the sun is its hottest. Between 10 am and 4 pm, the sun’s heat and radiation levels are higher than at other times. So, if you can, try not to spend too much time outside during these hours. If you must go outside for longer than 15 minutes at these times, then protect yourself. Always wear high-factor sunscreen, protect your eyes with shade, and cover your head with something so it doesn’t get burned or lead to a heat stroke incident

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Always Hydrate Yourselfwater bottle from Takeya

Water will help you cool and hydrate when applied to your skin. But that only goes so far. So you must also drink plenty of water or hydrating drinks to stay cool and hydrated inside. You lose most of your internal moisture when your body sweats to stay cooler. If you are overcome by heat, it can cause heat exhaustion and dehydration. Call your local emergency services if you are off balance, confused, and have a headache that won’t go away.

Ways to Keep a Cooler House

Even if you don’t go out until later on, it will help if you keep your home cooler for comfort. Being able to cool off indoors is essential as well, especially if you plan to spend time in your garden. So your house should be a cool escape from the sun. Here are some tips for doing that if you don’t have air conditioning:

  • Open as many windows and doors as possible to create a cross-breeze inside.
  • Close windows to prevent cool air from escaping when the sun is at its hottest.
  • Limit your use of cooking appliances that will contribute more heat, like the oven.
  • Try not to use heat-producing devices like a desktop PC or video game console.
  • Prepare cold meals that keep you cool like this salad dishes with ice-cold drinks.
  • Place fans strategically in your home so all rooms benefit from air circulation.

These can help keep you cooler at the hottest times of the day. You can open your windows at night to help promote cooler air, especially in your bedroom. If you have bugs in the area, voile curtains and soft fabric blinds can help. And they can also keep cool air in the house.

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Ice Cold Soft Drinks Only

Summer fun often means going to BBQs, beach events, and parties. And where there are parties, there is usually alcohol. But drinking alcohol in the hot sun is very dangerous, and you should avoid it. This is because alcohol is a diuretic, which means it’s a drink that causes dehydration. Tea and coffee also do this. So it will help if you avoid all of these when out in the hot sun. Ice-cold drinks such as fresh juice, your favorite soda, or tasty mocktails are better.

Eat Fresh Fruits and VegetablesAssortment of fresh veggies and produce at the Malalga market, a top attraction.

A hot meal on a hot summer’s day is almost like torture. Why would you do that to yourself? Lighter and cooler meals will make you feel much more refreshed and won’t bog you down. Cold pasta salads, fruit salads, and gazpacho soups are wonderful. And with so many fresh ingredients in summer, there’s no end to what you can make you feel more comfortable. Plus, you will get more hydration and a blast of multiple vitamins and minerals.

Beat the Heat when Exercising

In the United States alone, there are over 700 heat-related deaths every year. And this is made worse if you do things to make yourself hotter such as exercising. Working out in the hot sun is not recommended. And this includes jogging and walking. If you must do this, then take extra steps to stay cool, such as wearing proper gear, taking plenty of water, and resting. Better yet, exercise indoors where there is plenty of cool air and ventilation.

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Understand the Danger of the Sun

There are many issues that can happen because of the heat. Yet, if you learn about these and how to spot them, you can help prevent them from getting worse. Heatstroke and heat exhaustion are the most common. Heat exhaustion happens from water loss, and heatstroke happens through higher body temperature. Staying cool and hydrated will help. Call for help if your skin goes pale, you feel sick and have cramps, or you are confused with headaches.


As the world becomes hotter from climate change, the risks of being out in the sun also increase. But you can beat the heat to enjoy warmer weather. Protecting your head is vital. And you can keep your home cool for comfort. And learn to spot heatstroke and heat exhaustion.

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