What are the Top 4 myths clients believe about travel insurance?

What are the Top 4 myths clients believe about travel insurance?

Post-pandemic, Canadian travelers have realized how essential travel insurance has become, with almost 90% planning to buy coverage for their next trip, showing data from Allianz Global Assistance — a leading travel insurance provider. Despite this awareness, many clients still get stuck on some misconceptions surrounding travel insurance — presenting brokers with the opportunity to bring their clients the best protection, advice, and peace of mind, says Peter Denison, National Director of Allianz’s Broker Channel.

“It’s crucial for a broker’s clients to understand their coverage and policy terms before making a purchase. That’s the unmatched value that insurance brokers bring to the trip-planning process,” Denison explains. “Just like home and auto, travel insurance protects your clients so that they can enjoy their vacations without worrying about potential financial burdens.”

It’s especially important since travel insurance has evolved post-pandemic, Denison adds.

Canadians plan to spend over $14 billion on vacations this year, according to Allianz’s Vacation Confidence Study, conducted by Ipsos in November 2022. And, since the pandemic has made travelers more risk aware than ever, almost 90% plan to buy travel insurance for their next trip.

Unfortunately, Denison says, there are myths that seem to cloak the travel insurance industry and can lead to confusion for clients and missed opportunities for brokers.

That’s why Allianz empowers brokers with the right information, products, tools, and support they need to confidently, quickly, and easily offer their clients the best protection.

To this end, Denison helps debunk some common misconceptions.


  1. I’m healthy. I don’t need travel insurance.

“The truth is, travel emergencies can happen at any time, to anyone — even while swimming in the pool, sightseeing, or out and about exploring,” Denison says. “And, it only takes one unexpected, unfortunate accident for the most perfect vacation to take a turn. This is where travel insurance comes in — offering your clients the right protection and peace of mind they deserve.”

Comprehensive travel insurance covers not only medical emergencies, but also may include lost baggage and trip delays or cancellations, Denison adds. “I always say the easiest person to sell travel insurance to is someone who’s encountered a problem while traveling, because travel insurance is truly there for you when you need it most — during a medical emergency, when your baggage is lost, or if your trip is delayed.”

  1. Travel insurance is complicated.

“Insurance can be intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be with the guidance of a trusted insurance advisor. Allianz has spent a lot of time listening to brokers and clients and evolved our offerings to make it easier than ever for brokers to sell — and clients to buy — travel insurance,” Denison says.

  • Allianz’s fully refreshed outbound product suite has been designed with simplicity in mind. “One of the most common fears among brokers when selling travel insurance is helping their clients fill out lengthy medical questionnaires to qualify for coverage. Allianz’s new medical-screening process has only three simple questions, with no age maximum.”
  • Coupled with its newly launched sales platform, AdvisorMax, Allianz brings brokers a complete, seamless end-to-end solution designed to provide greater flexibility, ease, and an all-around better experience while saving time.
  • And through Allianz Academy, brokers are set up for success with access to training programs, continued learning, and sales support to enhance their knowledge and confidence.
  1. Travel insurance is too full of “noise.”

“Drowning out the ‘noise’ in travel insurance and making sense of the different offerings and processes are truly where brokers have the opportunity to shine,” Denison says. “Nothing compares to the value a trusted insurance advisor brings to the table. Well-advised clients benefit greatly from their insurance advisors’ expertise when selecting travel insurance policies and identifying the products that best suit their needs. Clients working with brokers are more apt to understand and appreciate the full potential of benefits (both medical and financial) that travel insurance offers.”

As trusted insurance advisors, brokers have established good relationships with their clients, and know them well. For example, brokers know if their clients are frequent flyers or snowbirds, or go on annual family vacations. These personal relationships help brokers tailor travel insurance to their clients’ unique situations, Denison adds.

  1. All travel insurance does is pay claims.

“Of course, travel insurance is meant to give your clients the peace of mind that their policy could cover financial loss at the times they need it most. But with Allianz, travel insurance is so much more than that,” says Denison.

  • Allianz offers your clients 24/7 emergency assistance, with a global reach and a network of vetted medical facilities across the world. “We’re committed to helping our traveling clients find the most appropriate and accessible care — including virtual care — wherever they are and getting them back to their adventures or home as quickly and safely as possible.”
  • When a medical emergency derails a trip, Allianz’s in-house medical team of experienced physicians and nurses balances high-quality care for each client with thoughtful medical expense management. “Knowing how a personal approach can make a world of difference, we often send our own nurses to bring our clients home when they need it.”

And when it comes to filing a claim, Allianz’s 24/7 mobile claims submission portal makes all the difference. “Ultimately, Allianz is there every step of the way in your client’s travel insurance journey, making travel insurance as worry-free as their vacation should be.”

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