2 Bengaluru techies, ‘hired’ to review hotels, cheated of Rs 49 lakh | Bengaluru News

2 Bengaluru techies, ‘hired’ to review hotels, cheated of Rs 49 lakh |  Bengaluru News
BENGALURU: Two software engineers lost Rs 49 lakh in separate instances to cybercriminals offering part-time jobs to review/rate hotels.
Mukta (name changed), a 28-year old techie and resident of Marathahalli, stated in her complaint that a woman identifying herself as Anjali Sharma called her over WhatsApp on April 19. Anjali claimed to be working with a company providing reviews of hotels and restaurants on Google. Anjali gave a false promise that she would recruit Mukta to provide reviews.
Later, Anjali convinced Mukta to invest some money with her. Believing the of fer was genuine, Mukta started transferring money to 12 different bank accounts provided by Anjali. “The woman transferred Rs 21,12,800 between April 19 and 24. People should be careful of such false promises. They must refuse any offer that comes with the person asking for money for the job,” said an investigating officer.
Mukta realized she had been cheated after the miscreant stopped responding to her calls and messages. She rushed to Whitefield CEN crime police last week and filed a plaint.
In a similar case, 29-year-old Rohan (name changed) of Virgonagar allegedly lost Rs 28,31,124 to cybercriminals between April 10 and 20.
According to Rohan’s complaint to Whitefield CEN crime police on May 1, a woman named Raktima called him over the phone on April 10. She claimed to be a representative of a recruitment firm. She offered Rohan a part-time job to give ratings for hotels listed on a website.
She convinced Rohan that he would get good money if the hotel’s booking value increased because of his ratings. He accepted the offer. Later, he was asked to pay some money for registration and other fees. In all, he transferred Rs 28,31,124 in multiple transactions to four bank accounts provided by the suspects.
Efforts are on to trace the suspects in both cases.

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