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Business travel.

Those two words together often send shudders down spines in offices across the globe, including the Okanagan. Traveling for work can be a drag when you consider there are early-morning flights, all work and no fun on the agenda, and big costs if you are the one having to pay for each journey.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Corporate travel management companies offer benefits such as saving time and money, providing travel support, emergency assistance and travel insights, and enhancing travel policy compliance. Kelowna’s Uniglobe Direct offers a corporate travel department that takes the worry out of your mind, keeps money in your pocket and can also serve as your connection to travel incentive plans that will get your employees motivated to deliver.

Managing business travel can be complicated. With an array of routes and fares, confidence in securing the best fare with the most direct routing is crucial. Uniglobe Direct’s corporate travel department has extensive experience in the area of ​​corporate travel, and it helps companies save time and money by taking care of everything.

A great example of the benefits of using a corporate travel department occurred just last week, as WestJet canceled more than 100 flights in advance of a potential pilots’ strike. Uniglobe Direct put its clients on new flights long before WestJet gave options to its customers. Uniglobe clients did not have to wait on hold for hours, nor did they watch their original departure time come and go with no answers.

Uniglobe Direct also has the ability to trim costs substantially. These include hotel tariffs, insurance, airline tickets and other related outlays. A corporate travel agent leverages their experience to procure or negotiate the most favorable deals.

The agency creates company profiles and assigns a dedicated agent to streamline travel arrangements. Your specific needs are met for each trip by your personal corporate travel consultant, which eliminates repetitive sharing of details. These could include seat preference, dietary needs and frequent flyer processing. Agents with company profiles ensure compliance with travel policies for each booking. These aspects are crucial for successful business trips and optimal corporate efficiency.

Corporate incentive travel programs, offering all-expenses-paid trips and experiences as rewards for exceptional performance, are a great idea, but they require intricate planning and logistics management. Uniglobe Direct simplifies the process, leveraging its contacts and vast experience in planning and executing group travel.

Travel incentive programs can be used to achieve core business goals, such as enhancing quarterly sales figures, fostering quality interactions between employees and executives, or cementing relationships with high-spending or loyal customers.

Nothing makes you feel more relaxed on a business trip than knowing you have Uniglobe Direct on your side. If something goes wrong with your flight or accommodations, all you have to do is make a call.

More information about Uniglobe Direct can be found on its website here.

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