Learn How to Increase Your Earning Potential Selling Travel Insurance

Janeen Christoff

How Insurance Works for Clients


In this recently revised course, travel advisors will learn all of the ways that they can provide protection for their clients. This includes maximizing earning potential by offering travel insurance.

Three Chapter Course


The course includes three chapters on a range of topics, including how travel insurance works, customer journeys and marketing and selling travel insurance.

The Benefits for Your Clients Explained


The course provides a step-by-step overview of what your customers will experience with their Allianz Travel Insurance policy, from pre-booking to post-trip.

How to Make Insurance Sales Simple


The course will outline key tactics in the insurance sales process that will help clients better understand the benefits of protecting their vacation investment.

Graduate Benefits


Travel advisors earn a certificate as an Allianz Partners Specialist and can earn two Continuing Education Units for advisors who are members of The Travel Institute.

Learn From Anywhere


Take the Allianz Partners Specialist Program anywhere. The course is available online and on any device, including tablets and smartphones.

Vacation plans are more complicated than ever but even the best laid plans can turn on a dime. That is why travel insurance is one of the best ways that travel advisors can help mitigate a vacation disaster, protecting their clients’ investment and earning more at the same time.

Curious about how selling travel insurance can help your bottom line? Take the Allianz Partners Specialist Course and learn how selling travel insurance can benefit your bottom line.

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