Gigi Hadid Has 5 Words To Say After the Cayman Islands ‘Ganja’ Arrest

Gigi Hadid attends a British Vogue party in 2022.

Gigi Hadid attends a British Vogue party in 2022.

Gigi Hadid attends a British Vogue party in 2022.

Shortly after news broke Tuesday that Gigi Hadid had been arrested for “possession of marijuana” while visiting the Cayman Islands last week, the model decided to post an Instagram slideshow of herself and a few buds living the high life for the duration of their Caribbean vacation.

Hadid captioned a slideshow brimming with bikini pics and snaps of delicious-looking food with five words that implied the arrest was anything but a buzzkill.

“All’s well that ends well🌅,” she wrote.

A customs screen discovered “marijuana and utensils used for the consumption of marijuana” in Hadid’s luggage shortly after she landed by private aircraft at Owen Roberts International Airport in the Caymans on July 10, according to local news site Cayman Marl Road. The outlet reported that Hadid’s stash was “relatively small” and “seemingly for personal consumption.”

The model was arrested on charges of “suspicion of importation of marijuana and importation of utensils used for the consumption of marijuana.” Hadid was sent to a detention facility and bailed out. Two days later, she pleaded guilty when she was formally charged, and paid a $1,000 fine.

Most of Hadid’s Instagram followers appreciate her chill attitude about the whole fiasco.

“Respect Button For Gigi Hadid✅✅✅” wrote one commenter.

“She won the idgaf war lmao,” wrote another.

“I like to imagine she’s posting this while getting bailed out,” joked a commenter.

Yet, some felt her post’s vibe wasn’t that dope.

“Girl after being arrested for drugs and released with money,” wrote a follower who got nearly 7,000 likes.

A spokesperson for Hadid told HuffPost in a statement that the model “was traveling with marijuana purchased legally in NYC with a Medical license” and said medical weed has been legal in Grand Cayman since 2017.

So, we suppose Hadid didn’t think much of the incident, and is going to continue rolling onward with her kush life.

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