Best Namibia Tours & Vacations 2023/2024

Sossusvlei - Namib desert Namibia

1. Colossal Canyon

There’s more to the Fish River Canyon than its sheer size. With remote hiking trails, magnificent view points and raging river torrents during the rainy season, visitors will be breathless at the epic views and sense of isolation when visiting this canyon, believed to have been formed more than 500 million years ago.

2. Damaralandscape

The timeworn terrain of Damaraland makes for interesting, otherworldly landscapes to travel through. The combination of strange rock formations, parched valleys, ocher boulders and amber sunsets makes for magic memories.

3. Sossusvlei Sands

This huge clay pan wrapped in red sand dunes occupies a large part of southern Namibia. With some of the tallest dunes in the world, Sossusvlei’s variety of colours, sizes and flora make it a glory to behold.

4. Cape Cross Critters

This protected area on the cape of the southern Atlantic is most famous for its resident seal colony, one of the largest in the world. Witnessing thousands of Cape Fur Seals basking in the sun is a life affirming sight not to be missed when in this part of the world.

5. Ship to Shore

Namibia’s Skeleton Coast has been called ‘The Land God Made in Anger’ by the San Bushmen and ‘The Gates of Hell’ by the Portuguese, and it’s not hard to see why. With gale force winds battering the shore, rolling surf and thick fog, the Skeleton Coast has ruined many a mariner over the years. Evidence of this is scattered along the coastal sands, with a collection of rusting ships resting on the beaches – an eerie yet enthralling sight.

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