8 Barbie pink hotels for living out your dollhouse fantasy

You’ve heard of Barbie’s DreamHouse, but what about Barbie’s dream hotel?

The highly anticipated, widely marketed, extremely pink “Barbie” movie is sparking a wave of interest in all things rose-colored. Accommodations are no exception.

“There is a desire to go to pink hotels,” said Ron Sandel, general manager of last-minute booking app HotelTonight.

And they’re not just found in an iconic doll’s fantasy land. Pink hotels are generally located in tropical areas; the color was popular in the 1920s and in mid-century design, said Dak Kopec, an architectural psychologist and professor of design at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. Kopec said he wouldn’t be surprised to see travelers looking out for pink hotels as Barbie is getting her big moment in the sun.

“There’s so much seriousness and so much frustration in our current society that I think people are looking for these types of escapes,” he said.

Here are eight such escapes in the United States for “Barbie” fans looking for the perfect Instagram backdrops.

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