Winnipeggers looking to travel cheaply this summer

Canadians are on the hunt for affordable travel options this summer.

That includes Amedee Arbor, who is planning to ride around Manitoba in his pedal-powered velomobile.

“I might go to Falcon Lake or something like that,” Arbor said.

His trip’s cost will only be the food he eats on the way. Arbor is not the only one looking for a cheaper way to travel.

A Nanos research poll conducted for CTV News found 38 per cent of people surveyed said they are more likely to save on travel this summer – that’s a seven per cent jump from 2015. It also found 51 per cent of people said cost was the most important travel plan factor.

The survey was conducted between June 29 and 30.

The Winnipeg Airports Authority says it’s expecting a busy summer.

“Over the last couple of years each summer we’ve seen more and more travelers through the airport,” said communications manager Michel Rosset.

With prices sky high, travel director Rajat Dang says they have been helping people find affordable vacations at his Winnipeg business, Ola Travels Inc.

“People are looking to travel,” Dang said. “It’s actually called ‘revenge travel’ in the industry, because of COVID there’s a pent up demand.”

He says more people want to travel, but the industry is dealing with low staff volumes.

“At this time Europe is very expensive right now but there are off-beat counties as well. Not the regular ones where you go.”

He also recommends off-season travel.

Caroline Yepez and Kevin Bellajo are new to Canada and want to see the country.

“We want to go to Toronto. We hope to go in September,” said Yepez.

Others are turning to Winnipeg for budget-friendly travel. Dolly and Sanjeev Sharma came to Winnipeg for a work trip and to take a less-expensive vacation.

“Everybody looks for that, the budget that’s for sure, but I see this is an affordable thing here in Winnipeg,” Sanjeev said.

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