Travel agency First in Service will open three offices: Travel Weekly

Travel agency First in Service will open three offices: Travel Weekly

New York City-based travel agency First in Service is opening offices in its three primary markets — New York, Toronto and Miami.

CEO Fernando Gonzalez said the agency is “redoubling our support for our travel advisors who provide each traveler with our signature service. One essential way to achieve that is to ensure those in New York, Toronto and Miami have offices they can be proud to call their professional house.”

Gonzalez added that the new offices provide an opportunity to “fortify our already powerful sense of community among our advisors.”

The agency will make its first move in 30 years this summer when it opens its new headquarters in New York at 444 Madison Ave. First in Service called the new headquarters the “centerpiece” of its expansion plan.

Located in Midtown on the 30th floor of an art deco high-rise, the new office will open July 1. The office has more than 5,000 square feet of space for advisor meetings and events with suppliers.

New York office leader Candice Watts said the agency hopes to give advisors a flexible place to work, whether they choose to be in the office full-time or part-time.

First in Service’s Canada Hub is located in the Yorkville neighborhood of Toronto and officially opened at the end of last year. At that time, six advisors worked out of the hub. That number has increased to 40. It has 3,500 square feet of space, and room for further expansion.

“Our office is our business card, so we have designed a space that reflects who we are: creative, playful, edgy, welcoming and travel obsessed,” said Willa Griffin, who leads the agency’s Canada operations.

In Miami, First in Service’s new offices will open July 1 in the Coconut Grove neighborhood. There, advisors can take advantage of 1,800 square feet of office space. Office lead JD Perez said Miami is First in Service’s “strategic gateway” to Latin America.

The agency is also expanding its virtual operations in Vancouver, Montreal and Mexico City.

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