Transat Distribution Canada Announces Management Changes

Transat Distribution Canada’s Karine Gagnon has announced changes to the company’s management structure “with the objective of improving efficiency and synergies within our organization.”

Among the changes, Anthony Mormina was promoted to Senior Director, Sales & Corporate Operations. In his new role, he will be responsible for leading and strengthening sales & operations for all TDC’s company owned and managed retail points of sale. This includes TDC’s Loyalty partners & Club Voyages Affair division, Voyages Transat, and Transat Travel agencies across Canada, as well as the Agent@Home sector.


Colette Girard has been promoted to Director, Franchise and Affiliate members. Girard has been managing relationships with TDC’s members in Québec for over 11 years. Gagnon says she holds extensive experience as a leader in both travel retail and tour operating. Girard will take on the director role, overseeing the same territory, with the support of a manager, for which a recruitment process is underway.

As well, Sandra Wesson, Director, Product & Industry Relations, who previously reported to the marketing sector, now reports to Gagnon as a member of TDC’s leadership team. To support Wesson, a new role of Product & Industry Relations Specialist has been created, with recruitment underway.

Recently, Marc Pelletier joined TDC as Senior Director, Marketing, Communications and Events, reporting to Gagnon. He is responsible for the development and implementation of the marketing strategy and programs for all TDC brands. He will also oversee communications as well as events. Senior Communications Advisor Marie-Annick Lalande and Paul Savoie, Manager, Events, will now report to Marc.

“Today’s changes are further steps in seeking ways to deliver our mandate and continuously improve our business,” Gagnon said. “I am convinced that this new structure will provide stronger alignment and integrate better synergies supporting common processes and functions within our team.”

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