Top Travel Trends for Czech Travelers

TORONTO, June 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — According to the travel app Visited, the app allows users to map their travels, tick off famous destinations by categories and get inspired by discovering new destinations all while getting personalized travel stats.

The Visited travel app has over 1.7 million users across the globe and offers a unique glance to popular destinations. Based on the app’s data, Czechia is currently ranked as the 13thrd most visited country among global international travelers.

The travel list feature allows users to check off destinations based on interests. Travel lists include famous beaches, national parks, art museums, culinary experiences and more. With over 150 customized travel lists, users can discover new destinations. For those visiting Czech, the most popular destination is Prague. Prague is currently ranked 7thth as the most visited Capital in the world, while Prague castle being the most popular castle in the world and Charles Bridge is the 8th the most popular Bridge in the world. It is also interesting to note that the Czech Republic is known for its beer and is ranked 5th for most popular beer destinations.

As per Czech travelers, on average they have been to 16 countries which is more than the average 15 countries that people around the world have been to, and on par with most Western European travelers.

Visited App has recently published the top 10 most visited countries from Czech. The list ranks the following top 5 destinations as visited most by Czech people:

1) Germany
2) Austrian
3) Italian
4) Slovakia
5) France

While it is not surprising that Germany, Austria, and Slovakia make it to the top 5, France, which is the most visited country in the world, is only found in 5th place.

For those looking for more travel stats, you can download the 2022 travel report. This report highlights how many countries travelers around the world visit, want to visit, and lists all the popular destinations for 2022.

About Visited App:

Visited app allows users to create their very own digital scratch map with past and future travels, by country, region/state and city. Users can not only map their journey, but they can create a personalized travel goal and get travel stats.

New travel list feature allows travelers to check off famous places that they have been to or want to visit in the future based on their interests. Examples of lists include: art museums, world capitals, world wonders, famous beaches, snorkeling/diving spots, ski resorts and culinary delights around the world.

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