Top 5 Family Holidays in the UK

Top 5 Family Holidays in the UK

When it comes to family holidays, it’s hard to beat the UK. While millions of us might trundle down to the airport every year in search of sunshine climes, the truth is that there are plenty of gems to be uncovered at home.

Few of us have really experienced everything the UK has to offer and this is a shame since domestic holidays tend to be more accessible, convenient and affordable.

Tourists travel from across the world, spending thousands, to see the UK, so why should we native Brits pass up the opportunity?

A few parts of the UK stand out as perfect for family holidays. Let’s consider five of the best.


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This patch of North Wales is home to the famous Mount Snowdon, which can be reached all year round by hikers, and during summer by those who’d prefer to take the train.

There’s more to the region than this one mountain, however; if you’re committed to the outdoors, you’ll find no shortage of hills, lakes, forests and caves ready to be explored.


The tourist appeal of London is obvious. There are attractions like Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, and the Natural History Museum, which are each driven by international tourists throughout the year.

But to focus on the big attractions is to miss out on much of what London has to offer. There’s a vibrant and varied cultural calendar, with every weekend hosting a once-yearly event in some corner or other of the capital.

Jurassic Coast

If you’d like to see how this island came to be shaped over millions of years by unfathomable geological forces, then there are several better places than the famous Jurassic Coast, in Dorset.

This is a stretch of the south whose famously fossil-strewn landscape has earned it its nickname, but there are plenty of opportunities for seaside adventures and long walks through the countryside here, too.

If you want to get up close to the outdoors in this part of the country, then a motorhome trip makes a great deal of sense. Make sure that you’re equipped with the appropriate motorhome insurance before you set out, however; this way, you’ll get peace of mind for yourself and your family.

Scottish Highlands

The Highlands are unrivaled when it comes to hill-walking. If you’d like to introduce your children to some of the tallest peaks in the country, then here’s a great place to do it. Whether you’re hiking, cycling, or driving from town to town, the Highlands are difficult to rival.

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We’ll round off our list by returning to the south coast. Cornwall is best known for its amazing cuisine and its incredible surf.

Polurrian on the Lizard A weekend with kids review, Cornwall

But there are plenty of other natural treasures here. Head out for a walk along the cliffs, visit a remote seaside town, and round everything off with a plate of fish and chips.

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