TikTokers use Artificial Intelligence to plan summer Europe trips on a budget: ‘Travel agents are shook’

Many people are planning and taking summer vacations. However, some people are just going on the trip and leaving the hard work to artificial intelligence, or AI.

Madison Rolley (@madisonrolley) posted a video about how she used ChatGPT to help plan a two-week trip to Europe for under $1,000. According to Money. com, the average price for just a flight to Europe costs over $1,100. With AI technology, travelers could potentially get a massive discount this year.

“Usually this would be a very very long process using a lot of different software’s tools and apps, and GPT Chat just sped up real quick,” he said in her video.

Rolley had an entire to-do list for Chat GPT, telling him where he wanted to leave, the estimated cost of accommodations and food at each stop and four to six cities to visit along the way. Chat GPT picked Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona and Copenhagen as the potential destinations for Rolley and fulfilled each one of her requests.

“I just did basically the same itinerary plus I think two more cities and it was $1,200 so def doable,” replied @kitc4t20.

On top of Rolley’s use of Chat GPT, Travel Queen (@urtravelbff) stitched the video to show there are other AI models that travelers can use to plan their trips.

She used forgemytrip.com, which was able to generate an entire itinerary with just the date and the destination. The site is still in its beta phase and was created by Travel Arrow, which is an online assistant that began to gain notoriety in 2022 and helps its users get premium discounts. Furthermore, there’s a space to put specific information like what time you’d arrive and certain activities you’d like to participate in.

While she was excited about the tool, her viewers weren’t completely on board

“This is so soulless,” replied @frizzante.freak.

“Travel agents are shook,” replied @d0930_.

Although several people were concerned that this tool would step on a travel agent’s toes, people in the industry had a more inclusive view.

“While AI can be a boon for travelers by offering seamless, personalized experiences, it poses a challenge for traditional travel agents,” former travel agent and current travel blogger Jo Larson told In The Know by Yahoo. “However, it’s important to remember that AI and human travel agents can coexist. Traditional travel agents can harness AI technology to enhance their services and provide tailored experiences that blend the best of both worlds.”

With Larsen’s attitude and new technology, perfectly curated vacations with minimal effort are a possibility for travelers this summer.

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