The Drums | Income Insurance Horror Film Reveals The Nightmare Of Inadequate Travel Insurance

Getting Covid-19 while traveling is still a nightmare. To demonstrate this, Income Insurance has created a horror film to showcase the scary outcomes of traveling without adequate Covid-19 insurance coverage.

The 18-minute horror film, Trapped, was created by BBH Singapore, with horror film director Kelvin Tong (Eating Air and The Maid) and music composer Joe Ng.

The film follows a couple who seek refuge at a shabby rundown hotel after catching Covid on holiday and realizing their insurance does not cover them for Covid-19 expenses.

The couple’s stay goes from strange to creepy to chilling and terrifying as they realize the nightmare that is unfolding around them.

The film aims to highlight the importance of buying travel insurance with adequate Covid-19 coverage to avoid unpleasant experiences. Income Insurance chose the horror film approach in a bid to engage and connect with consumers through storytelling.

The film, which is running across YouTube, StarHub TV+ streaming, and platforms for films and long-format content, was supported by a 30-second trailer to drum up interest. The trailer ran across social media and digital channels, attracting more than 1.8M impressions, 370,600 views and 34,200 engagements across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Tiktok.

To build on the idea, Income Insurance collaborated with The Escape Artist to create a themed immersive escape room, which launched in June.

Dhiren Amin, chief customer officer at Income Insurance, says, “This is a campaign that ticks all the boxes – strong product focus to drive business, a shift from ads to content and acts vs. just ads. While travel insurance is re-bounding as a business and Income Insurance is a market leader and growing, this initiative is critical to continue to drive the growth in 2023, and such campaigns help to improve our chances to do so. Fueled by BBH and Publicis’ drive, Kelvin Tong’s energy and the internal team’s commitment, this campaign was turned around in just under two months.”


Agency: BBH Singapore + Publicis

Film Production Company: Boku Films

Film Director: Kelvin Tong

Media agency: OMD Singapore

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