Passion For Italy Podcast #17


You wish to travel to Italy? How do you go about it? Where do you start? Well it’s easy – all you have to do is have a consultation with Passion for Italy Travel as we specialize in Italy only. An email to Contact Us is all it takes. Our travel agent consultants live in Italy and know the country intimately.

We also speak Italian and as Italy is a foreign language – if you wish to go then try to start learning the basic words for ordering meals, saying hello and goodbye as a sign of courtesy to the Italian people.

I just wish to tell you a few words about traveling in Italy. When I first arrived in Italy over 30 years ago I felt like I had come home. I just love history and old buildings so my Passion for Italy was born the day I arrived. It was so exciting hearing everyone speaking in the Italian language.

Travel has been refined since. Back then it was the time of cashing in traveler’s checks at the bank – waiting for hours in the queue. Once when I had been waiting an hour, when I arrived at the tellor, he put his little window down and was going away for a morning tea. I pleaded with him please just do me before you go, but he just walked off.

Now with all the electronic banking and travel cards, taking out currency is a slip of a card and most shops take credit cards as before it was all cash. It used to be the Lira too not the Euro so you have it easy in this regard.

Also 30 years ago it was the time of little Pensione – which was what we call now Bed and Breakfast accommodation and they were so cheap. There was always a little surprise to find in those places but most of them were very good.

Unfortunately now, the time of cheap travel has ended in Italy; unless you wish to sleep in a room with back packers – yeah right. Life is too short for an interrupted sleep especially when you have so much walking to do around the historical centers of all the major towns and museums to see and tours to do.

Please don’t believe what you see on the internet – that lovely little B&B that you view, might be in a horrible location, far away from the center and you will spend half of your precious day traveling in and out. I know an Italian who booked a seaside apartment on the internet and had to pay for a week’s accommodation up front and when the family arrived – there was no apartment there.

That inexpensive B&B might look close on google but in Italy things are different and the traffic can be bad as there are 60 million people in a very small country. Also the trains stop at 11.30 at night so a late concert could mean a fortune in catching a taxi home.

Italy has become very popular and expensive in the big cities. The secret is to get away into the small unknown towns and we can help you do that, as we know where to go and where the secrets lie – where there are no tourist events. How nice would that be? Everyone is traveling now after the pandemic. We are all wanting to spread our wings and fly.

Do you wish to go to a little village? Contact us here and we can have a little chat.

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