Mondee Introduces New AI-Powered Travel Agent Tools – Cruise Industry News

Mondee announced the launch of Mondee Travel Marketplace featuring Abhi, its AI-powered travel assistant platform that simplifies the cruise booking process.

Mondee’s Marketplace features an integrated cruises platform allowing users to easily browse and book a cruise of their choice. Travel agents can also benefit from the app as it simplifies the process of supporting their customer base.

The mobile-first solution was designed to instantly create personalized travel suggestions based on a user’s interests so they can instantly book their favorite vacation. Abhi is capable to engage in conversations, understand complex queries and can offer comprehensive responses.

Mondee’s Marketplace, available both as an app and on the web, allows travel experts to expand their scope across global and local suppliers. The Mondee Marketplace also comes with a number of advanced features, such as modern fintech, conversational commerce, CRM and growth-enabling analytics.

“We are thrilled to introduce a new AI technology platform to our innovative journey and consumer travel experiences, which we hope will transform the travel marketplace,” said Prasad Gundumogula, founder, CEO and chairman of Mondee. “We are changing the travel industry once again by providing travel influencers, local experts and agents with unprecedented access and complete travel content in our unified Marketplace, as well as cutting-edge technology, such as Abhi, the AI ​​platform with conversational commerce, to conveniently create and deliver personalized travel experiences. Furthermore, Mondee extends our offerings to organizations and nonprofits, providing them with secure and economical travel solutions that can serve as leisure travel incentives, or membership benefits to their members or employees. Moreover, through their affiliated organizations and travel expert connections, travelers have access to a broad range of travel options at significantly discounted negotiated rates below those available on public travel sites.”

The mobile-first app features a cruises platform integrated in Mondee’s Marketplace allowing them to easily browse and book a cruise. Travel agents can also benefit from the app as it simplifies the process of supporting their customer base.

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