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My goal is always to inspire others to go out and travel. It’s always fun to visit new places and experience different things. Road trips are great because you can go at your own pace, stop anywhere you want, and eat at local mom-n-pop restaurants. Our road trip to and through Missouri did that for us. Come along with us as we show you the best that Missouri has to offer on our road trip adventure!

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First, we made a pit stop at a place that many friends have recommended, Buc-ee’s. It’s a luxurious gas station/convenience store. It is huge! Apparently, Beaver Nuggets are a popular snack so I just had to try them. We all liked them. They are very sweet and tastes almost like sweetened pork rinds.

Secondly, we spent an entire morning visiting the US Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Our road trip started from our home in Florida to our final destination of Branson, Missouri so we decided to stay at the nearby Huntsville Drury Hotel and make this stop.

The Drury Inn & Suites prepares you for a great start to your day because they offer a free hot breakfast!

Hungry yet? Oh boy do I have the best BBQ ribs ever for you! For dinner, we ate at the Hickory Log Restaurant & Lounge. It’s located in Dexter, Missouri and you won’t be disappointed.

Branson, Missouri

Let’s start with our final destination of Branson, Missouri. We arrived at The Suites at Fall Creek where we slept every night of our trip. Even though we ventured out to St. Louis and Springfield, we always come back to The Suites at Fall Creek. Make sure to click on this link to read all about this resort –> https://mackintoshtravels.com/the-suites-at-fall-creek-time-to-unwind/

One main thing you must do while in Branson, also known as the Live Entertainment Capital of the World, is check out the downtown area.

There are 7 things that our family did that I would also recommend you do at Branson.

  • Silver Dollar City
  • Dogwood Canyon Nature Park
  • Top of the Rock Ozark’s Heritage Preserve/Ancient Ozark’s Natural History Museum
  • Copperhead Mountain Coaster
  • Andy’s Frozen Custard
  • Branson Landing
  • Live shows!

Silver Dollar City

This place is a fantastic way to spend a day at an awesome theme park. If you want to read all about it and our experience, make sure to click on this link –> https://mackintoshtravels.com/family-fun-at-silver-dollar-city-theme-park/

Dogwood Canyon Nature Park

This park is stunning! There is also a museum, shop, and restaurant that served me the best rueben sandwich I’ve ever had! At marker #22 you can literally have one foot in Missouri and another foot in Arkansas. If you have good walking shoes and you’re used to walking a lot, I would highly recommend you walking with this. However, they do have a tram for an extra charge. We walked it. Let the pictures speak for themselves how beautiful Dogwood Canyon Nature Park is.

Top of the Rock Ozark’s Heritage Preserve & Ancient Ozark’s Natural History Museum

Both the Preserve and the Museum are located in the same place and both are included in the price of the admission. I honestly did not think it could have gotten any more beautiful after visiting Dogwood Canyon Nature Park, but I was wrong.

Top of the Rock was truly my favorite place to visit in Branson! It is owned by Bass Pro Shops. You can either take a guided walking trail or you can rent an electric cart and drive it yourself which is what we did! There are many places that you can stop to park the golf cart, get out, and take photos. The views of the waterfalls, rock formations, and the views of the Ozark Lake are out of this world! You can even stop with your electric cart and ride into a cave with Bat Bar for a drink (additional cost for drinks). Top of the Rock is a very unique destination that I highly recommend to everyone who visits Branson, Missouri does!

Copperhead Mountain Coaster

There are quite a few mountain coasters in Branson, but we found this one to be more into the mountain, if that makes sense. Copperhead Mountain Coaster may not be the longest, but it was a lot of fun, unique since Florida has nothing like this, and a manmade attraction nestled in a natural environment. If you’ve never done a mountain coaster, try it at least once!

Andy’s Frozen Custard

We went here on a whim because we saw the fun décor that gave a 50’s vibe and wanted something sweet. This place was amazing with their full menu and variety of flavours. As a matter of fact, they just opened one very close to our home!

Branson Landing

Branson Landing is a real nice spot to spend some time, shop, and eat. They have a fountain show every 15 minutes in sync with music that resembles the fountains at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. it is spectacular!

Let’s talk about Branson shows. Wow! Some people underestimate their shows, but they are as authentic to Branson as they can be. There is something for every member of your family. We actually went to FIVE! That’s correct – FIVE!

Elvis-Story of a King

This show was very good! Although I thought he didn’t look like Elvis, he made us believe he was because his on-stage motions, voice, and the outfits were really good. However, I believe if you have young children they might be bored because they have no idea who Elvis was. This was a fun show located at the Americana Theatre. The Americana Theater houses a few different shows.

Sight & Sound Theatres

This stage theater has different productions throughout the year. We were there to catch “Jesus” and I have to say out of all the shows we saw in Branson, this was my favorite one. It was spectacular! From the stage, sets, lights, acting, and singing it was all top-notch professional. I highly recommend a production at the Sight & Sound Theater!

Illusionist Rick Thomas

This show was so much fun! To experience watching an illusionist on stage is mesmerizing. Rick Thomas was very professional and I still don’t know how he does some of his acts! His shows are located at the Moon River Theatre.

Awesome 80’s shows

This is the second show we watched at the Americana Theater. The other one was Elvis-Story of a King. If you were an 80’s kid, I STRONGLY recommend this show because I was singing & moving along with the awesome hits of this awesome decade!

Pierce Arrow

This show consists of a vocal group of four men and a hilarious comedian that is seen & heard throughout the show.

St. Louis

We decided to visit St. Louis because we wanted to see the Gateway Arch. The official name is Gateway Arch National Park. We wanted to see it from afar as well so we booked a river cruise. The architecture of this structure is nothing like I’ve ever seen before in my life! it was massive. To ride it to the top is kind of claustrophobic because you have to get into this tiny seated elevator that leads you all the way to the top for the most fantastic views! It is well worth the ride to the top.


Lambert’s Restaurant

We had a great time in Springfield checking out some of the sights. One place we were recommended to go was Lambert’s Café. The restaurant is unique in the fact that they actually toss you hot delicious rolls. There are also some dishes that come with all you can eat sides. It’s such a fun atmosphere especially when you’re on vacation!

Hemingway’s Blue Water Café

This restaurant had a Groupon and since I knew we would be only 6 minutes away from this restaurant because we had comedy club tickets, I purchased the Groupon. I am so happy I did because this restaurant had one of the best shrimp tacos I’ve ever had!

The restaurant is located inside the second level of the Bass Pro Shop. It is beautiful because it includes a giant saltwater fish tank and on cold days you can eat by the fireplace.

There is more to do at the Bass Pro Shop while you’re there. Aside from plenty of shopping for the outdoor enthusiast, there is a free museum to explore called The Second Amendment Gallery with great views of the store from up above.

There is another museum called Wonders of Wildlife National Museum & Aquarium, but there is a fee. We actually didn’t have time for this one.

Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield

If you’re a history buff, like my husband, you will enjoy visiting this national battlefield by the national park service. We visited on the same day they were having an anniversary event.

Wilson’s Creek was the first major Civil War battle fought west of the Mississippi River, and the site of the death of Nathaniel Lyon, the first Union general killed in action. The costly Southern victory on August 10, 1861, focused national attention on the war in Missouri. Wilson’s Creek NB commemorates and interprets the battle within the context of the war in the Trans-Mississippi West.


Precious Moments Chapel

If you’re a collector or have ever been a collector, you need to stop here. This place, in my opinion, is very underrated. The Precious Moments Chapel is not just a gorgeous chapel, but it’s a hall filled with love and memories of the history of these figures. They also have a big gift shop.

Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden

This garden is truly a hidden gem. With only a minimal cost to enter, it’s well worth it. It doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to stroll this garden, but you can stay as long as you want. Even though we’ve never been to Japan, and we really want to visit Japan, it gave us a glimpse of what it could really be like to visit a garden in Japan. It truly is a beautiful garden to visit!

Blue Room Comedy Club

The Blue Room Comedy Club is a place we went to because one of our favorite comedian’s was performing there while we were going to visit Springfield, therefore we got tickets way ahead of time back at home. It’s a really cool place to visit and let out some laughter because laughter always makes you feel better. They also have some pretty good food!

Our road trip truly was an amazing vacation! I hope that this post has shown you some of the best that Missouri has to offer and other stops along the way. I would love to hear about your own Missouri adventures so please comment below!


For more on our Missouri Road Trip check out Silver Dollar City, Hickory Log, and The Suites at Fall Creek!

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