Is It Better To Use a Travel Agent or Plan Your Own Vacation?

Booking Yourself Saves on Service Fees

Anh Le, owner of the travel blog, Luxury under Budget, also finds that booking trips yourself is more likely to save you money if you have the time to put in. “Travel agents have access to the same rates and they don’t get commissions on flights, so they often add an extra booking fee.” Le recommends setting up Google flight alerts to snatch up deals on flights when prices go down. “I have always been able to get flight deals even on big holidays…with this tactic.”

Emily Cuneo, of the travel blog Emily Embarks, agrees that by cutting out the travel agent, “you completely omit the hundreds of dollars in service fees.”

She recommends looking up accommodations through providers such as Expedia, then booking directly with the hotel once you’ve made your selection. “Second, using Skyscanner or Google Flights is a great way to compare prices based on airlines, dates, and layovers.”

Lastly, by avoiding expensive tour groups, travelers can save thousands of dollars by creating their very own walking tour of a city or a road trip around a country, he said.

While there is no right or wrong way to book a trip, knowing how much work you want to put in, and what your goals are, will help you decide.

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