Here are the best international vacation spots for families

Here are the best international vacation spots for families

Airports across the US are likely to get crowded in the coming weeks as travelers set off on their summer vacations, with many Americans expected to head overseas for trips postponed by the pandemic.

For families, some of the best international getaways include Prince Edward Island in Canada; Ischia, Italy; and the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, according to Jacqui Gifford, editor-in-chief of Travel and Leisure. Those destinations offer plenty of fun for children but also feature relaxing activities for moms and dads, Gifford told CBS News.

For Ischia, a small island in the Gulf of Naples known for its hot springs and magnificent coastal views, the kids will enjoy the flight to Naples, Italy, then be wowed by a one-hour boat ride to the island, Gifford said.

“It’s got beautiful beaches, cliffs, amazing hotels that sort of capture that old-school charm of Italy,” she said. “You can walk in these beautiful towns at night. I think it’s pretty family friendly, too, because in general you have a more affordable experience.”

Affordability is key when traveling abroad this year, with travel experts predicting that flights will be more expensive.

Airfares on international flights are projected to hit their highest level since 2019, before the pandemic grounded most vacation travel. The average ticket to Europe is projected to cost around $1,100, while flying to Asia will top $1,800 per ticket, according to the Hopper travel reservation app. The average ticket to Africa or the Middle East will cost around $1,454 and a trip to Australia and surrounding nations is expected to average $1,709, the app estimates.

Vacation inflation leads to higher prices for travel this summer


Those higher prices stem from the rising cost of jet fuel and strong demand for overseas travel during the first full summer where international destinations have lifted their pandemic protocols.

In search of good value

Canada’s Prince Edward Island is famous for its red sandy beaches and is particularly affordable for families on the East Coast, Gifford said. The Galapagos islands, the site of Charles Darwin’s pioneering explorations, is a good pick if families who want a more outdoorsy vacation, while it’s cheaper to fly to South America now than it was before the pandemic, he said.

Girl taking a picture of Pinnacle Rock, Galapagos
A visitor snaps a photo of Pinnacle Rock, a landmark in Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands.

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The average flight to South America is expected to cost $692, down 9% from 2019, according to Hopper.

“If your kids are interested in wildlife and nature, it’s one of the world’s most pristine national parks,” said Gifford of the Galapagos. “I think, in terms of just dollars, that’s one to look into.”

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