Best Morocco Tours & Vacations 2023/2024

1. Marrakech

Things just happened in Marrakech. One moment you’re sitting down to a camel burger, the next you’re chatting with a snake charmer. The labyrinthine markets are the perfect place to lose yourself but find a Moroccan memento or three.

2. Sahara

The endless dunes of the Sahara will call your inner explorer. Jump on a camel and start riding out over the sandy waves. At sunset, the desert glows rich and red and at night the stars turn the sky crystal.

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3. Essaouira

The name ‘Essaouira’ means image, appropriate since its charm is undeniable. Within the stone ramparts, you’ll find art galleries, wood workshops and whitewashed houses with bright blue shutters. Portuguese, British and Jewish influences all mingle in this artist’s town.

4. Fes

Fes is the cultural heart of Morocco and home to some of its most iconic sights. Feel every sense come alive in the medina. Shops, dye pits and mosques all vie for space and you’re as likely to see a donkey as a car.

5.High Atlas Mountains

The mountains are best explored at the ground level by foot or bicycle. Travel through Berber villages, up along crop terraces, down through lush valleys and past orchards, goats and Moroccan rural life. The seriously fit can tackle Mount Toubkal for incredible views.

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6. Todra Gorge

This is a rock climber’s heaven or the ideal place for beginners to get a taste. It’s a tight squeeze in some places but a sparkling river, the odd palmeraie, Berber villages and high cliff walls make it worth breathing in for.

7. Moulay Idriss

The small Medina of ancient Moulay Idriss was once forbidden to non-Muslims. Now it is a pleasure to explore as the faithful gather to pay homage to the founding father of Islam in Morocco at the 8th-century mausoleum.

8. Ait Benhaddou

Perfectly preserved, this is one of Morocco’s most picturesque kasbahs. Centuries ago it was a stop for caravans as they carried salt across the Sahara. Today, it is inhabited only by a handful of families and the odd film crew.

9. Casablanca

The very name conjures up images of war-time romance. But the real romance of Casablanca must be its French influence and the beautiful Hassan II mosque, the largest in Morocco.

10. Volubilis

Do some time travel and visit the ancient hilltop city of Volubilis, one of the Roman Empire’s most remote bases. The ruins here are beautifully preserved and it’s easy to believe you’ve stepped into the 2nd or 3rd century.

11. Rebates

Rabat is Morocco’s lively capital. Its history is long and colorful, having hosted Roman settlements, pirates, and more recently the Moroccan parliament. Stroll through the old quarter or enjoy views over the Atlantic Ocean from Kasbah des Oudaias.

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12. Chefchaouen

Set against a wide valley and tucked between two peaks in the Rif Mountains, much of Chefchaouen was recreated by Andalusian refugees escaping the Reconquista, so it might remind you of the hills of Spain.

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13. Tangiers

The coastal town of Tangier is the gateway between the Mediterranean and Africa. Enjoy fresh seafood by the port, watch the sunset over the Atlantic or visit the Caves of Hercules.

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