101 ways to save money every day

Our family uses those 101 ways to save money, every single day. They have allowed us to reduce our debt quickly and go on luxury vacations around the world!


  1. replace all light bulbs with LED bulbs
  2. raise A/C to 78F at night
  3. set timer on air conditioning to raise temperatures while you are at work to 83F
  4. use sponges instead of paper towels
  5. cancel cable / satellite TV and purchase an indoor antenna instead
  6. enjoy home-cooked meals
  7. review all subscriptions and cut out the ones you don’t truly need / use
  8. purchase certified refurbished electronics
  9. shop your cell phone provider and consider everything on the bill
  10. keep your electronics an extra year
  11. clean your own home
  12. turn fans off when not in the room
  13. turn off porch lights
  14. check all lights are off before leaving for work
  15. pack lunch for the office
  16. do not trash food as soon as they reach the date since it is a sell by date in most cases
  17. add an extra bed cover and lower the heat at night
  18. take care of your own yard
  19. clean your own pool
  20. pack home-made sandwiches for day trips
  21. fill up hard bottles with water for day trips
  22. make your own thank you / invitation cards, especially true for kids (ie, Valentine’s Day, birthdays…)
  23. turn off the television when not actively watching
  24. turn off the television during meal times
  25. unplug unused appliances
  26. have friends over instead of eating out
  27. drink water
  28. get books from your local library
  29. get DVD’s from your local library for a night-in
  30. quit smoking
  31. purchase a new car air filter online and replace it yourself
  32. exercise at home
  33. go for a run outside
  34. replace your air filters monthly
  35. reconsider club memberships (ie, gym, golf)
  36. store all leftovers and enjoy a night of no-cooking with re-heated leftovers
  37. think of ways to repurpose furniture before getting rid of it
  38. start a cheap hobby (ie, crocheting, gardening, nature walking, reading)
  39. limit your use of make-up, cologne, hair products, etc. to what you truly need
  40. let your hair grow another month between hitting the salon
  41. color your own nails
  42. have a no-spending weekend once a quarter
  43. tackle home projects yourself
  44. reevaluate your home internet plan
  45. do not automatically wash your clothes at the end of the day
  46. only run the washing machine when you can fill a full load
  47. maximize your dishwasher space and only run it when full
  48. think of free gifts for your partner’s birthday (ie, morning duty/wake up with kids, massage from you, home-cooked meal, favorite cake)
  49. organize stay-at-home dates (ie, board game nights, movie nights)
  50. invite your friends with their kids and let them fall asleep in your guest room – they’ll return the favor
  51. lower your blinds when you’re not home to keep hot and cold out
  52. in case of a non-life threatening emergency, consider urgent care instead of heading straight for the ER
  53. turn on the oven as you get closer to using it than when you start the recipe
  54. substitute one bath for a shower each week
  55. raise A/C temperature and turn on the fans when needed
  56. keep all doors and windows closed when heating or cooling your home
  57. check all doors and windows are properly sealed
  58. plant fruit trees
  59. clean your home with sponges and detergent instead of pricier wipes
  60. shop all of your insurances when up for renewal
  61. drink faucet water instead of bottled water (invest in a Brita if necessary)
  62. turn faucet off while brushing teeth


  1. drive your most efficient vehicle
  2. be gentle with the gas pedal
  3. consider itineraries with no tolls
  4. walk or cycle whenever you can
  5. look around and fill up on gas at a cheaper gas station
  6. rent cars at destinations and in ports of call
  7. pack snacks for the airport
  8. visit your hometown and see it from a tourist’s eye
  9. use a VPN to shop your plane tickets
  10. prepare your coffee-to-go at home
  11. favor nature / outdoor activities over premium ones (ie, movies)


  1. partner with other parents to look after each other’s kids for nights out
  2. partner with other parents for afternoon activity runs
  3. stop buying kids toys, take the kids outside
  4. pack school lunches and snacks
  5. cut your kids’ hair yourself
  6. negotiate sibling discounts for after-school activities
  7. pass clothing down from one child to the next
  8. start a clothing exchange program with friends or at school
  9. modern diapers are engineered to hold pee, do not change the baby’s diaper every time they go
  10. teach your kids the value of money by saying “no”
  11. help kids make their own gifts for teacher appreciation weeks


  1. purchase store’s private label products
  2. shop at a cheaper grocery store
  3. second-hand shop for clothing and furniture
  4. stock up on food items while on sale and freeze perishable ones
  5. shop for groceries online
  6. purchase gifts ahead of time when you find something you like on sale
  7. do not go grocery shopping on an empty stomach
  8. purchase only as much as you will eat to avoid trashing food
  9. do your grocery shopping once a week
  10. sign up for rewards programs and emails
  11. use free money-making apps
  12. purchase holiday decor right after each holiday for steep discounts
  13. shop for clothing online and purchase products on sale
  14. check the price per oz at the grocery store as a way to compare products
  15. limit your purchases of expensive snacks (ie, chips, ice cream)
  16. purchase discounted gift cards others are not using
  17. prior to making a purchase, think whether you truly need the item

There are many more ways to save money! Share your tips in the box below!! And check out this article for more ideas to adopt a frugal lifestyle – we contributed to the travel section!


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101 Ways to Save Money Every Day #personalfinance #savemoney #savingstips #savingtips #frugaliving #frugaltips

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