The World’s Best Road Trip Destinations, According To New Report

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There’s no better feeling than getting behind the wheels of your car and taking to the open road. Traveling on vacation via car gives you the freedom to go and see whatever you want, whenever you want.

What’s more, road-tripping is popular. 81% of summer travel in the United States is undertaken by car. You can road trip on your own or travel with family and friends. But where are the best places to visit for a road trip?

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A new report from car experts DiscoverCars has surveyed more than 140,000 tourists from across the world to discover the best scenic routes you can explore with the freedom of your own vehicle.

The five best road trips are spread across continents and will lead you through a diverse range of landscapes. In most cases, you would need to hire a vehicle on arrival to make the most of these routes.

Here’s where you should go:

A happy couple driving in an open-top car at sunset.

Ivalo, Finland

Located in the heart of Finnish Lapland, many people head to Ivalo in search of Santa Claus or to spot the Reindeer. But devoted motoring enthusiasts have chosen this as the world’s best road trip destination.

Ivalo is a great place to take a cross-country drive and is particularly attractive to those wanting to gain a winter driving experience. During the winter months, the region will experience less than 2 hours of sunlight per day.

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Tire tracks through the snow in Ivalo, Finland

Ivalo is in the heart of an area of ​​outstanding natural beauty, and when you drive here, you’ll find breathtaking views around every corner. Visitors can watch the dancing Northern Lights, ski in the local resort, or drive around the shores of Lake Inari.

Inverness, United Kingdom

Inverness is the most northerly city in the United Kingdom, nestled in the heart of the Scottish highlands.

Some visitors will travel to Inverness to look for the Loch Ness Monster or to stand at the top of the ruins of Urquhart Castle. Inverness has a rich cultural heritage.

The view over the river Ness in Inverness, Scotland

But for motorbike enthusiasts, Inverness marks the start and end point of the famous North Coast 500 road trip. This is considered the ultimate scenic route, taking drivers into the wilderness of some of Scotland’s most remote areas.

Victoria, Seychelles

The Seychelles is an archipelago made up of 115 small islands, so it isn’t a natural fit for a road trip. Most people visit the Seychelles to relax on its beautiful white sand beaches.

But it is a great place to take a road trip, especially the best way to travel from beach to beach is by car. Mahe, the largest and most developed island in the archipelago, has one main ring road that circles around the island. Victoria is its capital.

Young female traveler standing at the edge of the cliff at Morne Blanc View Point, overlooking Mahe Island coastline with lush tropical vegetation and crystal blue ocean, Seychelles copy

You can travel across the island in around 3 hours, but a decent road trip here will take much longer, including stops to see local beaches and appreciate the changing environment.

One of the things that makes a road trip here so appealing is that you don’t need an international driving license to drive in the Seychelles. Driving in the Seychelles is scenic, exciting, and accessible to almost everyone.

Rovaniemi, Finland

Given that Finland is a relatively remote and isolated country, it might come as a surprise that two Finnish routes feature on this list. But its incredible natural beauty, safe and well-maintained roads, and spectacular views are a real draw for motorists.

Rovaniemi is better known as the location of the Santa Claus Village, which attracts thousands of visitors during the winter months. This is the home of the real Santa Claus. But it is also a great place to ride a husky sled, a snowmobile, or even a reindeer-drawn sleigh.

Dog sledge riding in Finland

Other notable attractions in Rovaniemi for road trippers to enjoy include the Arctic Snow Hotel, where visitors can sleep in heated glass igloo and enjoy spectacular Northern Lights views.

Rovaniemi is located just eight kilometers south of the arctic circle, making it by far the most Northerly road trip on this list.

Bridgetown, Barbados

From a four-wheeled adventure in the cold to somewhere much hotter. Bridgetown is the capital of Barbados and is a vibrant and exciting vacation destination.

Bridgetown is known for its British colonial architecture and its horse racing track. But motor enthusiasts say it’s the horsepower, rather than the horses, that makes Bridgetown worth exploring.

Traditional Reggae Bus Riding Through The Streets Of Jamestown, Barbados

Driving in this small city feels like an assault on the senses. Away from the city, most of the roads here are narrow and winding, lending a sense of adventure to every trip.

You will need to obtain a temporary driving license to drive in Barbados, but it’s well worth the extra effort to get on the open road and explore this popular vacation destination from an angle rarely experienced by tourists.

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