Sudbury news: French River travel trailers bylaw comes into effect

Travel trailer owners in French River are being reminded that they need to start thinking about whether they need a license for their camper – the implementation of the municipality’s new bylaw starts July 15.

Travel trailer bylaws have been a contentious issue across the northeast as several communities have begun to more regulate the practices around these mobile homes.

Mayor Gisele Pageau told CTV News this new requirement is only for those residents who set up permanent trailers – on lots for people to reside within. Those visiting the community will still be allowed to come and go without a license.

“They’re either hooked up to a field bed or whatever septic system they have to be approved,” said Pageau.

“What also has to be approved is how close they are to their neighbors because we don’t want neighbors to be disturbed by families going into a trailer and what’s really important with the trailer bylaws is those trailers cannot be rented as part of AirBnbs. ”

Pageau said the town had had many complaints from the community in the past – including reports of owners dumping into the river itself.

The license for the French River community is $400 and includes an inspection from the municipal bylaw department.

July 15 will mark the start of the educational process to give local residents a chance to get ‘up to speed’ with the new requirements and make any necessary changes to their camper or its location.

The grace period will last for 12 months and then the new bylaw will come full force.

For more information, visit the municipality’s website.

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