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It was the name Bookchor (Chor = Thief) that fascinated me into finding more about this company. Their aim is to make reading affordable by selling second-hand books at reasonable prices. You get to buy as well as sell books on their website, so increasing your reading base without spending too much. Their quality inspectors ensure that the books are in decent condition.

These pictures are from their recent event held at the Birla Auditorium in Jaipur. “Lock the box”, so all the books that fit in the box are yours. There were three different boxes : Odysseus (priced at 999 rupees and could fit 9-10 books), Perseus (priced at 1499 rupees and could fit 15-17 books) and Hercules (priced at 2499 rupees and could fit 28-30 books) . So you had the option of browsing the entire collection and then deciding which box to go for.

The reader in me was quite excited about the idea of ​​buying so many books at low prices and I was pretty sure that I would end up buying the Hercules box. The exhibition hall was filled with thousands of books and so many readers browsed through them. Alas, most of these were fiction books intended for school/college students and I decided not to buy any from the box. But seeing so many children filling up their boxes enthusiastically was a wonderful sight. More power to Bookchor.










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