Best Cambodia Tours & Vacations 2023/2024

1. Angkor Wat

After watching in awe as the sun rises over the incredible Angkor Wat temple, join a local guide to uncover the history and mysteries of this incredible 12th-century temple complex. You may also like to visit a monastery to experience an ancient ritual where you’ll be sprinkled with holy water and blessed with good luck for the rest of your travels.

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2. Tonle Sap

Known as the Great Lake of Cambodia, Tonle Sap Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia and is an essential food source for many Cambodians. Hop in a boat and cruise through floating villages where people live in silted houses, study in floating schools, pray in floating churches and temples, and eat in floating restaurants.

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3. Kompong Cham

Brimming with vibrant shops, Art Deco buildings, lazy streets and wide riverside boulevards, Kampong Cham oozes old-world charm. Cycle across the famous bamboo bridge, climb the pink French Tower for impressive cityscapes, explore the 11th-century Wat Nokor complex, or tuck into tasty street eats at the market.

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4. Kampot

Kampot’s delicious pepper is known by international chefs as the world’s best. Visit the Pepper Project to learn about (and taste!) why it’s so famous, explore the ghostly (but beautiful) buildings near Kep’s waterfront, or enjoy a massage by a blind masseur or masseuse while supporting the local charity, Seeing Hands.

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5. Phnom Penh

Welcome to Cambodia’s bustling capital. There’s lots to see and do in Phnom Penh, whether you want to marvel at the grandeur of the Royal Palace, eat local specialties at the night market, watch people with a cocktail, or learn about Cambodia’s sobering history.

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6. Krong Battambang

Discover the beautifully preserved architecture and friendly Khmer people of Battambang – Cambodia’s second-largest city – and its surrounding countryside. Enjoy a leisurely bike ride through rural villages, join locals for early morning yoga or folk dancing, or learn how to make amok and spicy fried chicken at a cooking class.

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7. Siem Reap

Experience a traditional shadow puppetry show, use the old market for silks, silver and sarongs, or get to know other travelers and locals over a cold beer on Pub Street. When you’re in Siem Reap, don’t forget to try amok – a Cambodian curry dish served in a banana leaf.

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